Pottsville Community-led Resilience Team (CRT)

To help prepare for floods, bushfires and other natural disasters, we have created the Pottsville Community-led Resilience Team (CRT).  The project kicked off in July 2022 after a post-flood community meeting where we agreed we wanted a better community response for future events.

The project aims to create a community emergency plan and communication network, so we can better support each other in the next disaster.  

The communication tree relies on volunteers right across Pottsville. We are looking for street leaders on every single street in Pottsville – more than one for longer streets – who can check in on their vulnerable neighbours in emergency events.  

Street coordinators don’t need to cover their whole street, or be available all the time – your deputy will cover you when you’re off on holiday or out of town.

Are you already connected to your immediate neighbours? Are you a friendly, community-minded person? Then you’re halfway there already. Sign up as a street coordinator today.  You’ll be provided with a free Street Coordinator Pack including hi vis vest, clipboard and printed materials, and be supported by your zone leader as you get set up.  Your zone leader will also pass on verified information in a time of crisis, which you will then pass on to your street.

Don’t know your street coordinator? Register your household directly with us to be linked to your street coordinator. You will also receive a free Residents Pack including REDIPlan template, waterproof document holder and our Get Ready Now Factsheet.  If a street coordinator is not currently available for your street, in the meantime you will receive verified information directly from the zone leader during disaster events.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on the CRT, it’s origins, data security and more.