Community Recycling

We fully support the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ethos. Reducing how much we consume and reusing unwanted items are crucial steps to reducing our collective carbon footprint and mitigating the effects of climate change.

We encourage the Pottsville community to review what they use on a day-to-day basis using the helpful links below.  This includes food waste, which is a massive contributor to climate change when food items end up in the landfill.  Change starts with you and you can make a difference.

Recycling is a last resort as it requires energy and raw materials to recycle any item. However, it still forms an important part of the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ethos.  What can be recycled and where remains a complicated question that Together Pottsville hopes to help answer for the Pottsville community.

We currently manage two ongoing recycling projects:

  • Simply Cups takeaway coffee cup recycling at Black Drop café and St Ambrose Primary
  • Pottsville Community Recycling hub

There are a number of other recycling options available to the Pottsville community, as shown on the map in the resources section below.  In addition, there’s a list of what you can recycle in the Tweed Shire Council’s yellow and green bin.

Simply Cups Project

While we would love everyone to avoid single-use cups altogether, we know how unlikely this is. The ‘Simply Cups’ project keeps these cups out of landfill and by partnering with St Ambrose Primary, the scheme is currently free.

We collect disposable coffee cups in a special bin outside of St Ambrose Primary School and Black Drop Café to ensure they don’t end up in landfill.

We are always looking for volunteers to take these sleeves of used cups to the 7-Eleven store at Tweed Heads South.  

Sign up to volunteer here or alternatively you can email to express your interest

Pottsville Community Recycling Hub

A community recycling hub has been established at St Marks Anglican Church using Terracycle to recycle things like old toothpaste tubes and other household products, rather than putting them in the red bin and saving them from landfill.

We recommend that people keep a designated bin for the recycling hub in their laundry or under the kitchen bench to put all items in until you are able to visit the hub – you need to make it as easy as possible or chances are you’ll just put items into the red bin.

Please make sure the items are relatively clean and empty, and to follow the instructions printed on the signs at the hub.


Under Development

  • The benefits of carpooling
  • Using less energy in your home
  • How to reduce your food waste
  • How to reduce your carbon footprint